Information for Shareholders

Shareholder Rights 

Each shareholder in ZAGORKA has the following rights: 

  • right to dividend; 
  • right to a liquidation share (in case of a decision for liquidation of the company); 
  • the right to purchase a proportional part of issued new shares upon the increase of the Company's capital; 
  • the right to participate and vote in meetings of the General Meeting of Shareholders, as well as to get acquainted with the written materials on the agenda and to receive a copy of these materials 
  • the right to receive minutes from previous General Meetings and their annexes. 

The invitation for a meeting of the General Meeting of Shareholders shall be announced in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency on the account of ZAGORKA. The website of the Commercial Register can be found here.  


The payment of the dividends distributed by the General Meeting of the shareholders of ZAGORKA is made only by bank in compliance with the following conditions: 

  • Submission of a written application by the shareholder at the address: 6000 Stara Zagora, 41 Khan Asparuh Str. - Accounting Department. 
  • The application should contain names and PIN / respectively company and UIC, address and contact phone number, and bank account of the shareholder. 
  • The application must be accompanied by: a certificate from the respective bank that the shareholder is the account holder, issued not earlier than one month before the date of the application; a bilateral copy of the temporary certificate for the shares held by the shareholder in the capital of the company. \
  • When submitting an application by a successor or successor of a shareholder, a document certifying his rights is required, and in case there are more than one heirs / successors, their representative receives the dividend upon presentation of an explicit written notarized power of attorney. authorize to receive the full amount due on their behalf. 

Information about the dividends that ZAGORKA pays is available here
A sample application for dividends can be found here

Please note that dividends are paid only once a month - at the end of every third week, to the shareholder's bank account. 

Unification Of The Shares Issued By Zagorka   

Shareholders who have depository receipts or old temporary certificates (from before 2007) for shares held in ZAGORKA must replace them with new temporary certificates by decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders of 22.02.2007 for the unification of shares. 

New temporary certificates can be obtained every working day from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm, as follows: 

  • From the 1st to the 15th of the month - in the town of Stara Zagora, 41 Khan Asparuh Str.,  ZAGORKA Brewery; 
  • From the 15th to the 30th of the month - in Sofia, Garitage Park, 2, Donka Ushlinova Str. ZAGORKA Head office. 

Shareholders or their authorized representatives should present the original temporary certificates for registered available shares and/or depository receipts for registered dematerialized shares, an identity document, a certificate of heirs and/or an explicit written notarized power of attorney. 

Transfer And Inheritance Of Shares 

As of 08.07.2016, when transferring shares to third parties who are not: shareholders in the company, are not spouse, spouse or ascending / descending relatives in the direct line - must be offered first to the majority shareholder - Heineken International B. W., the Netherlands. 

The transferor (guarantor) should inform ZAGORKA in writing about the number of shares and the price against which he wishes to transfer them. 

Within 30 working days from the date of the written notification, the majority shareholder shall inform the Executive Director of the company whether he wishes to acquire the shares under the proposed conditions. 

In the event of a refusal or no response from Heineken International BV, the Netherlands, the shareholder has the right to transfer his shares to a third party, at a price not lower and conditions not more favorable than those specified in the offer addressed to the majority shareholder. 

The above rules also apply in cases of transfer of temporary certificates. 

The transfer of shares and temporary certificates, as well as their pledging is done through a giro with notarization of the signature of the transferor (guarantor) and has effect against ZAGORKA from its entry in the book of shareholders. 

Within 7 days from the transfer, respectively the betting, the new owner (guarantor) / pledge creditor is obliged to notify the company by submitting a written application and presenting evidence of the endorsement, including a document showing the conditions under which the shares have been transferred (eg a purchase agreement) in order to record the transfer in the shareholders' book. 

The transaction is binding on the company from the date of entry of the change in the book of shareholders. 

When inheriting shares in ZAGORKA, for the issuance of a temporary certificate in the name of the heirs it is necessary to present: a copy of a death certificate; a copy of the certificate of heirs, copy of the ID card. The new temporary certificate shall be issued to the persons indicated as heirs in the certificate.