Mission and vision


We brew high-quality brands of beer and cider, which Bulgarians love. 


We strive to be an industry leader by adding value for our people, partners and consumers through our iconic brands and inspiring innovation with care and responsibility to society and the planet. 

Zagorka AD Today 

Our brewery has over 117 years of history, dating back to the establishment of the first brewery in Stara Zagora. 

Beer is our passion that we put into everything we do. We are proud of our achievements and it is no coincidence that we are one of the most innovative companies in the industry. Our portfolio offers a variety of high-quality products that meet the tastes of the demanding Bulgarian consumer. 

Driven by the ambition to be the greenest brewer in Bulgaria, we organize various initiatives united in our platform for sustainable development "Brewing a better world", aimed at protecting the environment and socially significant issues. 

We are part of the global family of HEINEKEN – the most international brewer in the world, which offers more than 300 international and local brands of beer and cider, which employs over 85,000 enthusiastic people from 190 different countries. 

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