Nature chooses

The information campaign "Nature CHOOSES the best for you" is organized by the Union of Brewers in Bulgaria

For five consecutive years the campaign aims to acquaint consumers with the natural ingredients and characteristics of beer produced in the country, the richness of traditions and rituals for consumption. of the amber drink as part of the modern lifestyle. This is the first such initiative in our country and enjoys the attention of friends of beer, who are increasingly interested in the qualities and specifics of Bulgarian beer. 

Beer was one of the first drinks created by humans, and today is the most popular drink in the world. This is due to the high quality, purity and integrity of beer, its low alcohol content and the incredible variety of its range - in Europe alone more than 40,000 brands and types of beer are produced. "Nature CHOOSES the best for you" seeks to develop during the year interesting information and facts related to the qualities of beer, its all-natural ingredients, traditions and culture for consumption. 

Every year the campaign "Nature chooses the best for you" includes activities aimed at the Bulgarian consumer, participation in culinary shows, meetings with beer fans, as well as holding annual beer salons for media and industry representatives. 

The campaign is implemented with the funding and active participation of all breweries, members of the Union. 

More information about this year's edition of the campaign can be found here.