Brewing a better world



Game over - Alcohol is not a game, is an initiative of ZAGORKA, which aims to start a conversation on the topic of harm from the sale and use of alcoholic beverages by young people under 18 years of age. 

The problem of alcohol consumption by minors is not only a family problem, it is also a social problem. Each of us participates and has a responsibility in what happens to the children and young people in our society. Let us not forget that the example of adults is of great importance for shaping the attitude towards alcohol in children and young people. 

Alcohol is not a game therefore it's important to: 

  • Talk to your child about alcohol 
  • Know the consequences of alcohol use in adolescents 
  • Be aware of what we can do to prevent children from consuming alcohol 
  • Pay attention and know the value of seemingly "small" conversations that can have a big impact 



In Bulgaria, 60% of teenagers experiment with alcohol. At the branch level through the Union of Brewers in Bulgaria (UPB) since 2009 we implement a program for prevention of alcohol use by persons under 18 years of age. Our efforts are focused on parents, as they are the ones who have the greatest influence on their children and their formation as individuals, but we also aim to engage the media and relevant institutions with the problem. This is the only initiative of its kind in Bulgaria, which is implemented within the European Forum on Alcohol and Health under the monitoring of the European Commission. 

We inform parents how to prevent their children from experimenting with alcohol, and where they can seek professional help. From the very beginning, the partners of SPB in the campaign are the Prevention and Information Center on Drug Problems at the Sofia Municipality (PIC, Sofia), the Day Care Center for Children, Adolescents and Parents. In 2011, the Solidarity Association joined as a partner in the program. 

ZAGORKA, together with the other brewing companies - members of SPB fully finance all activities under the program. The professional work, contacts and trainings of the target groups are carried out by the teams of the partner organizations, which have the expertise to work with parents, adolescents, teachers, etc. For the period 2010 - 2011 12,000 are distributed. educational brochures, 10,000 pcs. information leaflets, 72,000 pcs. game cards, internet banners, radio clips. In 2011 the national internet and telephone line "Let's talk soberly about alcohol" of the NGO "Solidarity" was functioning for consulting on alcohol issues. 

Since 2012, the prevention program continues under the motto Sport is the best way for children to grow up. Parents, you can influence. The aim of the campaign is to organize and promote initiatives to promote family sports and improve the social environment as a healthy alternative and preventive approach to preventing teenagers from experimenting with alcohol. New partners in the campaign are the Ministry of Physical Education and Sports (IFES), the Prevention, Integration, Sports and Tourism Directorate at Sofia Municipality, the Sports Association Sofia Sports, and 3 regional municipalities in Sofia: Triaditsa, Oborishte and "Serdika." 


Zagorka Green Fund is the program of ZAGORKA for corporate social responsibility, which started in 2011 and is part of the company's platform for sustainable development - "Creating a better world". 

The initiative takes the form of a national public competition in which anyone with a green idea can take part. The aim is to gather original ideas, which through Zagorka Green Fund will be "grown" to "grow" in an urban environment, making the city "green" and a better place to live. 

So far, more than BGN 700,000 have been invested gratuitously through the Zagorka Green Fund for the sustainable development of the local community, and thanks to the initiative, more than 18 settlements have been improved. 

ZAGORKA GREEN FUND 2013 - Zagorska Media, realized in Stara Zagora 

The media point is a lamp-projector, whose light and image are projected on the ground / pedestrian alley / or facade of a building / facility. ZaGorska Media provides an opportunity to provoke a new attitude towards advertising and communication in urban environments with the lowest possible environmental footprint. 

ZaGorska Media is an experimental project of the Transformers Association, which aims to provide NGOs and civic associations with the opportunity for interactive and low-budget communication with the public. The project is implemented in key places in the city of Stara Zagora with the financial support of Zagorka Green Fund 2013. 5 media outlets were installed, through which non-governmental and civil society organizations in the field of ecology had the opportunity to promote their initiatives. 

ZAGORKA GREEN FUND 2014 "GREEN CLASSROOM", realized in Kazanlak 

NGO "Architecture for the Future" won the public competition Zagorka Green Fund with their innovative project for a passive eco classroom, and the project was implemented in November 2015 in the yard of the primary school "Chudomir" in Kazanlak. 

Energy saving is very important for schools. Today, most schools use large amounts of energy: 19% for lighting, 6% for cooling and 9% for other needs. The idea of ​​the building is to use the least energy and resources to maintain normal living conditions. 

The passive classroom is 130 square meters and consists of 67 cubic meters of straw, equal to 387 bales, with a thickness of 45 centimeters each, clay plaster and a roof of wood and straw. The classroom has a special heating and ventilation system, LED lighting and outdoor lighting with motion sensors. 

ZAGORKA GREEN FUND 2015 - "Noise and heat-insulating window panels" realized in Radnevo 

The aim of the idea is to make a building more energy efficient by insulating the windows from heat loss in winter and overheating in summer. 

GEO MILEV High School - Radnevo received better energy efficiency through the implementation of the Zagorka Green Fund 2015 project. 


The project "Green Bus Stop" of a team of students at the University of Forestry in Sofia - Victoria Elenkova, Stefani Zgureva and Teodora Ivanova, received the first prize in the competition. 

The design of the station combines a practical construction with a green roof, which has the opportunity for additional "improvement", such as the installation of a solar system. Roof landscaping is a species that is resistant to adverse conditions, recovers quickly and participates in the absorption of dust particles and carbon dioxide, and creates a pleasant green space in the urban environment. 


Zagorka Green Fund continued the tradition of supporting significant projects with an environmental focus, and along with the topic of saving water and energy, the format of the initiative covered a wider range of projects. Some of them focus on innovation, sustainable urban environment and green ideas and solutions of active young and enterprising people, as well as initiatives that raise awareness on environmental issues. Among the partners of Zagorka Green Fund were Cleantech Bulgaria with Climate-KIC Accelerator. This is the only accelerator program in the EU aimed at supporting the positive impact on the climate by promoting and developing innovative green ideas. Other proponents of the idea were the StartUp Universiade Entrepreneurship Competition and the ClimateLaunchpad project, which attracts talent in the field of clean technologies and the implementation of solutions to tackle climate change. 


The care for the environment includes the care for our people - their safety and health. 

The company provides a clean and safe working environment. We constantly strive to maintain the high level reached and work to improve working conditions. 

Being green is in our corporate DNA, not just the color of our company and products. The Green Office initiative, through which we provoke the green thinking and attitude of all colleagues in office buildings, limits the harmful impact on the environment and strives to change the attitudes of others. 

The introduction of basic standards in order to reduce the consumption of resources in four main areas: water, electricity, carbon emissions and materials. 

In order to inspire our colleagues and pay attention to the green theme, we made a special communication campaign - posters with useful information about the different types of materials and resources (electricity and heat, drinking water, etc.); stickers with specific messages at the points where certain resources are spent (above the sink faucet, next to the lamp switch, laptop and printer, next to the elevator and around the stairs). 


Our green warehouse was the first industrial building of this type among all HEINEKEN breweries in the world. The area of ​​the green warehouse is nearly 3,000 square meters, and the value of the investment amounts to over BGN 2 million. 

The warehouse for finished products is designed and built according to the world-renowned method for assessing the environmental performance of buildings of any type - BREEAM. The facility is equipped with a computer-based system - BMS, which controls and manages the lighting, ventilation, fire, and other systems of the building with minimal energy consumption, while providing optimal working conditions. 

During the construction of the facility a number of innovative green solutions were applied: fast doors with thermal insulation, thermal curtains over the fast doors, floor insulation, night cooling system, solar panels, a system for individual room control, LED technology, an innovative system for using sunlight for lighting - "Solar Tube", an integrated system for collecting and utilizing rainwater for domestic use. (see the video for more information).